Stakeholder: Towards Zero Emission Mobility in Transport

An open Letter on the Europe on the Move mobility package.

Thirteen companies and industry associations from European industry have joined forces and identified key asks on the upcoming Low Emission Mobility Package that is in preparation:

  1. To decarbonize by 2050, and considering an average 15-year lifetime of vehicles, all new vehicles that enter Europe’s roads should be Zero Emission Vehicles (ZEVs) by 2035
  2. Considering announcements made by member states, municipalities and manufacturers, the EU can set a mandatory sales target for Zero Emission Vehicles for 2025 and 2030.
  3. It is equally imperative that ambitious CO2 targets are set for cars, vans and later for trucks and busses.
  4. The current range of ZEVs is between 200 and 450 km. Parity for cost of ownership compared to combustion vehicles is expected early in the coming decade.
  5. Essential for mass uptake of ZEVs is a high-power charging network as well as a hydrogen refuelling infrastructure.
  6. A transition to ZEV would lead to a 1% increase in GDP and create 2 million additional jobs.
  7. An EU value-chain for ZEV will drive innovation towards the next generation of batteries and fuel cells.
  8. Without critical mass in the ZEV market, growth and value for this sector will remain in other world regions.

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Source: Leonardo Energy

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