OPP Meeting Summary: EP TRAN Committee – Air Transport Agreement between the EC and the US (9 November 2017)

A summary of the debate on Air Transport Agreement between the EC and the USA is available.

EP TRAN Committee – 9 November 2017
Air Transport Agreement between the EC and the US (9 November 2017)
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Jens Nilsson (S&D, SE):

  • he urged the committee to support Theresa Griffin (S&D, UK)’s draft recommendation;
  • he stressed that there had been an agreement on air transport since 2007 and there were formal arrangements under the Lisbon Treaty.

Wim van de Camp (EPP, NL)

  • he agreed with the Jens Nilssons request to support Mrs Griffin’s draft recommendation;
  • he stressed that air traffic between the US and the EC used to account for 61% of global traffic in 2000, whereas in 2015 it only accounted for 38%. In his view, that was a consequence of some restrictions introduced by the US, but the Congress had pushed forward a public consultation on the matter;
  • his question to the Commission concerned the laptop ban.

The Commission did not have any further comments.

TRAN Chair, Karima Delli (Greens/EFA) ended the meeting announcing that the deadline for tabling amendments was 21 November at 2pm.

Source: One Policy Place

The simultaneous interpretation of debates provided by the European Parliament serves only to facilitate communication amongst the participants in the meeting. It does not constitute an authentic record of proceedings. One Policy Place uses these translations so this text is only a guide and should not be relied on as an official account of the meeting. Only the original speech or the revised written translation of that speech is authentic.

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