Press Release: Internet Governance Forum: European Commission and European Parliament commit to an open internet

Commissioner for Digital Economy and Society Mariya Gabriel signed together with Members of the European Parliament a joint declaration following this week’s Internet Governance Forum in Geneva, Switzerland. The representatives of the two institutions confirmed that “on net neutrality, the Commission and European Parliament made it clear that this is a core value for the European Union, and one that we will continue to implement for the benefit of all citizens. We believe Europe has a fundamental role to play in ensuring that the internet ecosystem remains open, is inclusive and has transparent rules for its governance and allows to safeguard EU’s fundamental values. […] An open and independent internet as a global, common resource, together with non-discriminatory access to knowledge, hence the importance of enhancing digital skills and competences.” You can read the full declaration by Commissioner Gabriel and Michał Boni MEP, Cristian Silviu Bușoi MEP, Eva Kaili MEP, Tiemo Wölken MEP, Jan Philip Albrecht MEP, Marisa Matias MEP, Barbara Kappel MEP here. Adopted in November 2015 and applicable since April 2016, EU rules on net neutrality give end-users the right to access and distribute the information, content, applications and services of their choice and ban blocking, throttling and discrimination between content, applications and services, or categories. The EU delegation on the Internet Governance Forum reiterated additionally that fundamental freedoms and human rights must be protected both online and offline and stressed the economic and social importance of online rights for privacy and of users’ control of their personal data. (For more information: Nathalie Vandystadt – Tel. +32 229 67083; Inga Höglund – Tel.: +32 229 50698)

Source: European Commission

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