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All your EU information in One Place, instantly accessible and adaptable, wherever you go

Our mission statement that runs through the core of One Policy Place is to simplify every process.

We help you simplify your search for EU information

We all live in an age of information overload. If you’re an EU public affairs professional, then you probably work in one too. At One Policy Place we believe the complex search for EU information can be simplified. We do this by bringing together all the latest EU policy developments in energy & climate change, environment, trade, transport, and digital policy into one place and enabling you to create your own personalised Policy Newsfeed. Our full content always remains accessible to Premium users, is easily searchable, and you can login from any device to be updated.

We supply instant access to our products

We know your time is valuable. It only takes a few minutes to sign up and receive instant access to One Policy Place. No more waiting around for someone to get back to you. We also enable you to stay in control of your policy needs and make changes to your Policy Newsfeed as often as you like, at no extra cost, and at your convenience.

We provide clear and transparent pricing

We know that a transparent pricing policy is important for our customers. We have a simple and easy to understand pricing plan to help you make decisions more effectively. We offer flexible subscriptions to suit all budgets and we don’t include lengthy break-clauses.


About our Management Team



Luisa Frumenzi – Co-Founder

Luisa is responsible for the content and creative development of One Policy Place and she heads up the policy team who are responsible for tracking and providing the EU information available. In doing so, she is able to merge her two passions – politics and technology. Her focus is on developing a new, innovative, and efficient way of helping people manage and process the vast amount of EU information that is published daily. At the same time, she also understands the importance of providing high quality, accurate, and timely policy information, as she has previous firsthand experience as an EU public affairs professional.

After graduating with an MA in European Studies, Luisa worked for several years as a Policy Officer for the European Commission, specialising in EU climate change, energy, and environment issues. Whilst based in Westminster, her responsibilities included following UK policy and providing policy briefings for Commissioners, Cabinet Members and other senior Commission officials. She also built relationships with the UK Government and stakeholder community, and helped communicate complex EU policies. The service and information provided by One Policy Place is something she wishes had existed back then.

Luisa is looking forward to building new relationships with the EU policy community who use One Policy Place. She’s always curious to hear how you’re finding the information. You can contact Luisa and the team here.
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Mark Wilson – Co-Founder

Mark is responsible for the overall strategy of One Policy Place. He ensures that One Policy Place not only delivers fantastic products, but uses the very best tools to automate workflow and ensure the whole company has time to work on what is most important – simplifying every process and every product for our customers.

Mark co-founded One Policy Place after working as a Consultant in Berlin for a UK company, where he used his vast experience and expertise to guide the team who launched a German language political monitoring service.

Mark has experience working at two of the UK’s largest political information businesses. As a result he has a strong network in Brussels, London, and Berlin, with a track record in delivering excellent information services to the clients he works with.

Mark has a wealth of experience in delivering results in diverse sectors and enjoys the complex challenges that come with striving to keep everyone happy all of the time – something he passionately believes is possible. He’s very personable and loves nothing better than meeting people face to face.
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