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Press Release: Purely plant-based products cannot, in principle, be marketed with designations such as ‘milk’, ‘cream’, ‘butter’, ‘cheese’ or ‘yoghurt’, which are reserved by EU law for animal products premium

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Press Release: The free trade agreement with Singapore cannot, in its current form, be concluded by the European Union alone

“The provisions of the agreement relating to non-direct foreign investment and those relating to dispute settlement between investors and States do not fall within the exclusive competence of the European Union, so that the agreement cannot, as it stands, be concluded without the participation of the Member States.”

Press Release: According to Advocate General Szpunar, the Uber electronic platform, whilst innovative, falls within the field of transport: Uber can thus be required to obtain the necessary licences and authorisations under national law

Advocate General’s Opinion in Case C-434/15, Asociación Profesional Elite Taxi v Uber Systems Spain, SL. “Uber cannot claim the benefit of the principle of the freedom to provide services guaranteed by EU law for information society services”

Press Release: The sale of a multimedia player which enables films that are available illegally on the internet to be viewed easily and for free on a television screen could constitute an infringement of copyright

Judgment in Case C-527/15 Stichting Brein. “The temporary reproduction on a multimedia player of a copyright-protected work obtained by streaming is not exempt from the right of reproduction.”

Press Release: The national authorities may refuse, for reasons of public security, to grant to an Iranian national with a degree from a university subject to restrictive measures a visa for study in a sensitive field such as information technology security

Judgment in Case C-544/15 Press and Information Sahar Fahimian v Bundesrepublik Deutschland. “While the national authorities enjoy a wide discretion as regards the existence of a threat to public security, the decision to refuse a visa must nevertheless state proper reasons.”

Press Release: The General Court annuls, on the ground of a procedural irregularity, the decision by which the Commission refused to authorise the merger between UPS and TNT in the express small package delivery services sector

Judgment in Case T-194/13 United Parcel Service, Inc. v Commission “The Commission infringed UPS’ rights of defence by relying on an econometric analysis which had not been discussed in its final form during the administrative procedure”

Press Release: The Court considers that there is no right to be forgotten in respect of personal data in the companies register

Judgment in Case C-398/15 Camera di Commercio, Industria, Artigianato e Agricoltura di Lecce v Salvatore Manni “However, upon expiry of a sufficiently long period after dissolution of the company concerned, Member States may provide for restricted access to such data by third parties in exceptional cases.”

Press Release: A telephone subscriber’s consent to the publication of his data also covers its use in another Member State

Judgment in Case C-536/15 Tele2 (Netherlands) BV, Ziggo BV and Vodafone Libertel BV v Autoriteit Consument en Markt (ACM) “In today’s judgment, the Court declares, in answer to the first question, that the Universal Service Directive covers also all requests made by an undertaking established in a Member State other than that in which the  Full Article…

Press Release: The Court finds that Greece has failed to fulfil its obligation to protect the sea turtle Caretta caretta in the Bay of Kyparissia

“An EU Directive requires the Member States to contribute to ensuring bio-diversity through the conservation of wild fauna. In this context the Member States must take all the measures necessary to establish a system of strict protection for certain animal species. The turtle Caretta caretta is recognised by that directive as an animal species of  Full Article…

Press Release: The extension of the period of validity of existing State aid must be regarded as the alteration of that aid and, therefore, as new aid

“In 1960, DEI, a public electricity company, entered into a contract with Alouminion, a Greek company specialised in the production of aluminium, under which it was granted a preferential tariff for the supply of electricity.”

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