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Press Release: MDB climate finance hit record high of US$ 43.1 billion in 2018

Climate financing by the world’s largest multilateral development banks (MDBs) in developing countries and emerging economies rose to an all-time high of $43.1 billion in 2018, boosting projects that help developing countries cut emissions and address climate risks. This represents an increase of more than 22 per cent from the previous year, where climate finance totalled $35.2 billion. This is also a 60 percent increase since the adoption of the Paris agreement in 2015 response to the ever more pressing challenge of climate change, which disproportionately affects the poorest and most vulnerable.

Press Release: Making a difference to air quality in the Western Balkans

World Environment Day today is the perfect occasion to underline the urgent need to combat climate change and highlight successful examples of such work.

One such is the EBRD Green Economy Financing Facility in the Western Balkans (WB GEFF) which protects the environment by encouraging better and more efficient use of energy. To date, its €8 million of investments in projects have contributed to saving over 7 million kWh of energy and more than 2.5 million kg of CO2 emissions per year.

Press Release: Supporting a green and just transition

It may seem paradoxical that last year’s most important climate summit, the Conference of Parties (COP24), took place in one of the most polluted cities in Europe, Katowice in Poland. In reality, this coincidence highlighted a pressing issue: how do some of the world’s worst polluters move towards a green economy while ensuring that vulnerable communities are not left behind? How can we all work to ensure a “just transition”?

Press Release: Addressing the challenges of sustainable food retail

Plastic is the ubiquitous material of our age and has become indispensable in food packaging. Plastic has changed our lives for the better, but it is not disposable. Today, plastic threatens the oceans — microplastics are being identified throughout marine animals — and after decades of intensive use plastic has started changing the world’s environment – for the worse.

Press Releas: EBRD and SGMB support green investments and value chain development in Morocco

Moroccan small businesses are set to benefit from finance to invest in greener, energy and resource efficient solutions, which will boost their competitiveness and integration in local and international markets.

The European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD) is providing Société Générale Maroc with a €20 million loan, as the first partner bank under this new credit line, which is designed for SMEs involved in value chains and their green investments.

Press Release: EBRD signs €50 million risk-sharing facility with Turkish bank TSKB

Turkish businesses will have greater access to finance under a new agreement between the EBRD and Turkiye Sinai Kalkinma Bankasi (the Industrial Development Bank of Turkey or TSKB). The EBRD is providing a risk-sharing facility of €50 million which – together with TSKB resources – will facilitate lending to private industrial companies for a total of €100 million.

Press Release: EBRD and Kyrgyz Republic take climate action

The EBRD and the Kyrgyz Republic are addressing climate related risks in the country by launching a Climate Finance Centre (CFC), which will help bridge financial assistance available through the national and international climate funds such as the Green Climate Fund. It will attract necessary investment for climate projects in various sectors ranging from energy and water to agriculture and health in the Kyrgyz Republic.

Press Release: #EBRDmore – Going Green

Finance for the biggest solar park on the African continent, at Benban in Egypt; the first wind farm ever in Mongolia, and the 21 cities that have signed up to the EBRD’s pioneering urban sustainability programme, EBRD Green Cities, with more to come. These are just three examples of the EBRD’s successful work helping the countries where we work transition to the green economy.

Press Release: EBRD and Green Climate Fund provide US$ 16.7 million to finance Kazakh solar power plant

The EBRD in partnership with Green Climate Fund (GCF) is stepping up its efforts to support renewables in Kazakhstan with a US$ 16.7 million loan for the construction of a new 30MWp solar power plant in Zhangiz-tobe in the east of the country.

Event: EBRD Green Cities – Building a better and more sustainable future for cities (London, 4 July 2019)

The event will highlight the latest trends in financing green cities. From innovative technologies to sustainable infrastructure investment, it will explore how best to tackle urban challenges and secure a better and more sustainable future for cities and their residents.

Press Release: No-deal Brexit could affect value chains in the EBRD regions

Newly published EBRD research finds that a significant proportion of value chains within the 12 EU countries where the Bank operates, and also in Turkey as a member of the EU Customs Union, could  be affected in an event of an exit of the United Kingdom from the European Union with no deal.

Press release: How the Vienna Initiative saved emerging Europe’s banking system

Today marks the tenth anniversary of the launch of the European Bank Coordination Initiative – or the Vienna Initiative as it is known more colloquially. Officials from many of the public and private institutions involved, as well as many of the Initiative’s original architects, are convening in Austria to mark the achievements from the last ten years and discuss the challenges ahead for the banking sector.

Press release: ‘Climate action is essential’

Speech delivered by, Pierre Heilbronn, Vice President of the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development, at the High-Level Conference on Sustainable Financing, Brussels, 21 March 2019.

Press Release: What does it mean for a business to be green?

Three years after the international community pledged to limit global temperature rises caused by greenhouse gas emissions to no more than 2C and if possible to a more ambitious 1.5C, climate change is broadly acknowledged as one of the key risks to financial stability. Among ambitious responses is the European Commission’s plan to motivate European business to go carbon neutral by 2050.

But what is still needed is a generally accepted measurement of business greenness.

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