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Watch a webinar: Guided dossier preparation in IUCLID (ECHA)

The webinar covers a feature for helping SMEs to prepare IUCLID dossiers using the IUCLID Cloud. This feature, named ‘Guided dossier preparation for REACH 2018’, presents SMEs with a series of well-defined tasks to complete based on the type of dossier they intend to submit to ECHA. The guided approach includes task-specific help and links to relevant guidance documents and texts.

Press Release: Amendment of annexes I and V to PIC

A message from ECHA: On 6 February, the European Commission published an amendment to the list of chemicals subject to an export notification (Annex I) and chemicals that are banned for export (Annex V) under the PIC Regulation. The amendment applies from 1 April 2018. However, to ensure continuity of your operations start submitting your export notifications for the new chemicals now!

Recording: Poison centres workshop – preparing for new obligations

The second joint Commission and ECHA workshop on the implementation of Annex VIII to CLP took place on 1 February. It covered harmonised information to be notified to Member State appointed bodies for poison centres. It helps to understand legal obligations, how to fulfil them and how to get prepared now! Visit the Commission’s website for the presentations and a full recording of the discussion.

Recording and presentations

Source: European Chemicals Agency

ECHA to update some List numbers to refer to ELINCS numbers

A message from ECHA: “We have noticed that for some pre-registered substances both an ELINCS number and a List number have been assigned. To ease sharing of data and make sure that registrants of the same substance form only one joint submission, ECHA will update the List numbers of all affected pre-registrations to refer to the ELINCS number of the notified substance. The corresponding List numbers will become obsolete”.

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