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Press Release: EU and China join forces to improve international ocean governance

At the first Blue Partnership Forum for the Oceans (05/09/2019), the European Commission and Chinese authorities have shown their eagerness to work together and improve international ocean governance. Together with Chinese and European stakeholders, both administrations have started to define joint actions that will implement the Ocean Partnership, signed in July 2018.

Event: Save the Date – BlueInvest Day (Brussels, 4 February 2020)

The annual Blue Invest Day will bring together innovators, entrepreneurs, investors and enablers in the Blue Economy, with the objective of generating concrete business opportunities and visibility for your business. Connect with captains of industry, impact investors and high-level representatives from government and the public sector.

Press Release: Meeting summary – 9th meeting for developing a SRIA for the Black Sea/ 8 MAY 2019, Bucharest

The “Sustainable Development at the Black Sea” (SUST-BLACK) took place in Bucharest on 8-9 May 2019 at the House of the Romanian Parliament (and an optional field trip in Danube-Delta on 10-11 May 2019).

Event: EU CCS Storage Research Projects Science-Policy Showcase (Brussels, 10 September 2019)

This 1-day event brings together the storage-focused CCS projects supported through the EU’s Horizon2020 and ACT funding streams to showcase their latest research results and developments with special relevance for energy, environment and climate policy. The aim is to provide a platform for informative dialogue and exchange of ideas between Europe’s leading researchers in the field of carbon storage, industry representatives, and the EC’s decision-makers and policy developers.

Press Release: EU and Canada conclude ocean partnership agreement

The European Union and Canada signed an ocean partnership agreement on 18 July. The partnerships confirms the two sides’ belief that ocean governance is a shared challenge and responsibility. Only international cooperation can ensure the conservation and sustainable use of oceans, their resources and ecosystems.

UPDATED – Event: Blue Bioeconomy Forum (Brussels, 25 June 2019)

Update: An event report was published.

At this conference the European roadmap for the blue bioeconomy will be presented and discussed. You can contribute to the roadmap, get informed on the most important challenges and suggested solutions (on policy, environment and regulation; finance and business development; value chain, markets and consumers; and science, technology and innovation) and get in contact with other professionals working in or interested in the blue bioeconomy.

Press Release: Map of the week – Marine bird observations

In order to protect these magnificent marine birds, there is a need to monitor their behaviour and identify key areas for feeding and breeding. The map of the week features a global dataset of marine bird observations expressed as number of birds observed per area of 1 square degree (~ 12 thousand square kilometre). It shows the importance of coastal regions and island groups as well as impressive migration routes across the oceans.

Press Release: Blue investment booster starts up

The Blue Invest platform, set up with financial support from the European Maritime and Fisheries Fund (EMFF), will provide a range of support for blue economy small companies and entrepreneurs. Daniela Cedola, which will manage the Blue Invest platform, outlined the opportunities for those with strong blue economy business ideas.

Press Release: Some ‘blue-tinted’ magic at the Blue Bioeconomy Forum Conference

Channelling the blockbuster film Aladdin, European Commissioner for Environment, Maritime Affairs and Fisheries Karmenu Vella called on delegates at the second Blue Bioeconomy Forum (BBF) Conference in Brussels to put collaboration, transparency and sustainability at the heart of efforts to develop this sector in a responsible way as a “force for good”.

Press Release: First ways forward for the blue bioeconomy

Around 140 stakeholders were spread around the 10 table-topics set up for the three-rounds of World Café exchanges on the BBF’s proposed Roadmap for the Blue Bioeconomy. By necessity, participants were chosen for their vast experience and diverse backgrounds in the blue bioeconomy, including policymakers, national/regional bodies, industrial platers, and the researcher community.

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