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Event: Information & Networking event: LIFE 2018 call for project proposals (Brussels, 04 May 2018)

The event is open to potential applicants presenting project proposals on green technology, nature protection and climate action. Participants will be invited to a morning information session on the 2018 LIFE call, covering significant changes to the programme compared to previous years. The afternoon will be dedicated to networking with fellow participants to share experience, match with potential new partners and meet representatives of the LIFE programme from the European Commission.

Press Release: The Overseas Trade Fairs Programme: Applications Open for final 3 fairs in 2018!

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Press Release: Transform your company’s business model to unlock the opportunities of the circular economy

CSR Europe and the R2π project are looking for companies that currently have a “linear” business model, but want to work with them to re-design their systems following the principles of the circular economy (from “take, make and waste” processes to “reduce, reuse and recycle”).

Press Release: The power of water- Tecnoturbines signs agreement with SUEZ Group to generate clean energy

Water is essential for life but it can also be a powerful source of energy when used properly. SME Instrument-funded Tecnoturbines recently signed a collaboration agreement with the Energy Division of the SUEZ Group, a worldwide leader in the environment sector. This would constitute a joint effort to reduce energy costs and to develop projects to generate clean energy based on the water potential.

Making sustainable energy projects a reality

The first ManagEnergy Master Class gathered 24 senior professionals to learn about how to progress sustainable energy projects from concept to implementation. The initiative will empower energy agencies to facilitate and support sustainable energy investments at local/regional level.

Press Release: Apps and ICT tools changing energy consumption in buildings

17 projects are harnessing ICT’s potential to save energy and trigger more energy efficient behaviour in buildings.  They aim at demonstrating energy savings without compromising the occupants’ comfort as well as making energy usage data accessible to consumers and third parties.

Press Release: Horizon 2020 projects on decarbonisation of the economy help to reach Paris Agreement

Limiting global temperature rise to well below 2°C, one of the very ambitious goals of the COP21 Paris Agreement, requires deep decarbonisation of our economy and major technological, institutional and socio-economic transitions in the coming decades. ‘Building a low-carbon, climate resilient future’ is thus a key research and innovation priority within Horizon 2020 in order to scientifically explore possible low-carbon futures.

Press Release: 468 environment and resources project proposals seek Horizon 2020 funding

The European Commission has received 468 proposals for projects in the areas of climate action, environment, resource efficiency and raw materials by the call deadline on 27 February 2018.

Energy Innovators prepare your pitch! We invite you to meet Iberdola on 9 May in Spain

Iberdrola Ventures (PERSEO) are hosting top innovators funded by the SME Instrument for a Company Day in Bilbao, Spain on the 9th May 2018. A limited number of companies will get to pitch and present their business cases and network with Iberdrola and Iberdrola’s partners. Apply before 12 March!

Press Release: Nessie: Facing the Panta Rhei in the offshore sector

The Greek philosopher Heraclitus used to affirm in his timeless thinking Panta Rhei, “everything changes and nothing remains still”. This is what happens every day to all marine structures and one of the biggest challenges they face is corrosion. EMFF funded NeSSIE project might have found the response to this problem.

Press Release: Collaboration between three Horizon 2020 projects for the decarbonisation and resilience of the European economy

The three Horizon 2020 projects INNOPATHS, REINVENT and EUCALC address the challenges of planning technological transition ahead of time and prioritising within and between different sectors in Europe. 

Welcoming new project proposals on energy efficiency

Are you interested in submitting a project proposal to receive EU funding? The new call for Horizon 2020 Energy Efficiency project proposals has opened today 25 January 2018.  With a budget of over €212M for 2018 and 2019, the Secure, Clean and Efficient Energy topics offer plenty of opportunities for innovative project proposals to receive funding.

Press Release: EU Sustainable Energy Week 2018 – call for sessions!

EU Sustainable Energy Week (EUSEW), the biggest event focusing on energy efficiency in Europe, is back for its 13th edition. If you are working in the field of sustainable energy, EUSEW 2018 could be a key event to stimulate your own debate at the high-level Policy Conference on 5-7 June. The call for sessions has just been launched and you have until 23 February to submit an application to host a 90-minute panel discussion, round table, seminar or world café.

Press Release: EU Sustainable Energy Awards competition kicks off EUSEW 2018

The EU Sustainable Energy Week (EUSEW) is back for its 13th edition and giving you the chance to encourage and nominate projects to take part in this year’s Awards competition to determine the most innovative and impactful initiatives in energy transition.

Press Release: MagFreeG – innovating the cooling industry

It is a known fact that global warming is one of the most serious issues affecting our society. The need for green technologies that help reducing the emissions of dangerous gases is crucial. Among the several projects working in this direction we find MagFreeG.

Press Release: Steeper Energy builds industrial scale plant worth € 50.6 million

A new partnership between SME Instrument innovator Steeper Energy and biofuel joint venture Silva Green Fuel will open the road to producing commercial-scale transport biofuels. With the growth of global trade, heavy and long-haul transport sector emissions are on the rise. The availability of low carbon options for road diesel, marine and jet biofuels will help companies and countries meet carbon reduction targets.

Press release: Aurelia Turbines wins cleantech prize at European Venture Contest Final

The European Venture Contest Final is a leading European network and investment event for high-growth technological start-ups, venture capital investors and technological corporations. Aurelia Turbines – an SME Instrument innovator that manufacturers the efficient small gas turbines – attended the event thanks to a partnership between SME Instrument and the organiser TechTour and won the The European Venture Contest Final prize for cleantech.

Press Release: RESIN project – to support resilient cities and their infrastructures

Horizon 2020 RESIN project develops standardised approaches to increase the resilience of Europe’s cities and urban areas to extreme weather and climate change. RESIN has a specific focus on ensuring that critical infrastructures are better integrated into this process.

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