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Press Release: Discover the test facility of the ITER Pre-Compression Rings

A set of 18 Toroidal Field (TF) coils will create a massive magnetic cage to confine ITER’s superhot plasma. While keeping the hot gas away from the walls of the vacuum vessel, they may experience some fatigue or deformation resulting from the powerful magnetic fields. Nine pre-compression rings hold the key to the survival of the TF coils.

Press Release: Crown of concrete and doors of steel at the ITER Tokamak complex

The civil engineering works at the Tokamak complex, which consists of the Tritium, Tokamak, and Diagnostics buildings, are advancing. The construction works of the walls of the last floor (Level 5) of the Tokamak building have started, raising the total of people involved in the construction of the complex to 750. And just as the building is rising by one level, more concrete is poured to form the so-called crown, where the ITER machine will rest upon.

Press Release: Europe is ready to switch on SPIDER – the most powerful negative ion source experiment to date

The final countdown for the operation of SPIDER has started. All its systems are connected and engineers together with scientists are getting ready to turn the switch on and start testing. It’s the result of a successful international collaboration of various Parties, from inside and outside Europe, working together to bring fusion energy a step closer. 

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