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What is One Policy Place and why should I use it?

One Policy Place brings together all the latest EU climate change, energy, and environment information into one place, so you can see the entire picture.  Everyday our experienced policy team provide detailed coverage of current legislative and policy developments as they happen.  

Our mission at One Policy Place is to help you search less, know more, plan smarter and engage faster. Here’s how we do it, through our Policy Newsfeed, Policy Planner, Policy Pipeline and OPPedia. We create digital tools for EU policy people.

With our Policy Newsfeed you are in control of the information you view and we don’t serve you sponsored content or adverts. The newsfeed is a modern, popular, and much used method to organise information. 

If you rely on high quality policy information and are keen to have your EU climate change policy, EU energy policy and EU environment policy, in one place – One Policy Place is designed for you. You’ll benefit from our experienced team’s knowledge, save time searching for information, and therefore have more time for your key objectives.


Premium Access: unlimited use of all our policy content


Our policy team track publicly available information from the EU institutions, provide timely written summaries of Parliamentary committee and plenary meetings, and produce a policy relevant calendar called One Policy Planner. Every customer using our premium service has unlimited access to all this content in One Policy Place. 


Create your personalised Policy Newsfeed by following the policy issues important to you


You can personalise our content by creating your own Policy Newsfeed.  We code every piece of information uploaded to our site, so you can simply “follow” the policy issues that matter to you.  

You’ll see all the latest updates in your chosen areas only, everytime you login.  In addition to saving you time, your Policy Newsfeed allows you ultimate control and flexibility.  The newsfeed is yours to manage, change and personalise as often as you like, at no additional cost.  Our pricing plans are fixed and transparent to suit all budgets.

Policy Newsfeed - information

Examples of content

Council Conclusions - example

Council Conclusions – content example


Our Policy Planner allows you to plan ahead as we curate events, meetings, consultations (including deadline dates) into one place. Use our built-in category filters to quickly check Brussels based events or EP committee meeting agendas.

The Policy Pipeline brings together into one place, key dates, documents and debates on procedures currently being considered at the European Parliament committee and plenary stage. 

Each file in the Policy Pipeline includes an archive of key developments of the main EU institutional actors, as well as a look ahead to the next stage, creating a simplified overview of a procedure from proposal to adoption, easily accessible and in one single place.

OPPedia brings together into one place, MEP speeches from the OPP meeting summary archive. Search via MEP or policy issue and map which MEPs are discussing your issues in the European Parliament.

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How can I get started for free using One Policy Place?

Creating your free account takes less than 3 minutes.  Simply go to the homepage and click the orange “30 Day Free Premium Access” button or “Free Access” at the top of the page.  

You will be asked to create your free user account and password.  Once you click register, you’ll receive an email confirming your details and you will then have free limited access to our content.

Once you have created your account, simply click here to upgrade to Free Premium Access. You will be asked to fill in standard registration details. Once registration is completed you‘ll receive an introductory e-mail confirming your Free Premium Access to One Policy Place.  You’ll now have full use of all functionality and access to all of the content on One Policy Place, for a limited period of time.

If you have any questions relating to the registration process, please contact us.

How do I become a customer of One Policy Place?

Purchasing a plan is straightforward. You can either contact us directly or go to our Plans & Pricing page to choose a plan that suits you and request a written quote which we will send to you via e-mail the same working day. Once you have received a written quote, subsequently signed and dated a One Policy Place order form, and electronically sent this back to us, you’ll be up and running with your chosen plan.

Does One Policy Place work on all devices?

Yes, you can login using any device.

How can I contact you?

You can contact us here.


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