The Newsfeed Explained

The Newsfeed enables you to filter and manage content on One Policy Place (OPP), according to the policy issues that are critical to you and your organisation.  You’ll need to create a free trial account to use the Newsfeed. Sign up here.

Everyday the OPP policy team track the large scope of publicly available information from the EU institutions and we publish all relevant developments with manually coded policy tags in order that our users can access policy documents as efficiently as possible.  We also produce our own written summaries of key legislative debates. Because we also code every piece of information that is uploaded according to the policy theme it concerns, you can personalise our content by selecting to view only information in the specific policy areas that matter to you, via your own Newsfeed.  

The Newsfeed acts like other newsfeeds you are probably accustomed to using.  EU information uploaded to our site appears in chronological order, with the latest update appearing at the top of your Newsfeed page.  The subject header for each update is designed to help you scan the latest updates quickly and decide which ones are required reading, and which ones can wait.  Once you’ve read an update, the text will change colour so you can easily keep track of information you’ve already read and information you need to catch up on later.    

Using your personalised policy Newsfeed helps you stay focussed on the issues that matter most, by filtering out information that is less relevant.  As your needs change, so can the Newsfeed which is yours to manage, change and personalise as often as you like, at no extra cost.  At the same time, if you don’t wish to apply a filter and want to view all the information in OPP, you can, as premium access allows the ability to view all our content.  

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