Questions for Written Answer to the Commission concerning the coronavirus outbreak

Update: New questions have been published.

P-001819/2020: Deploying the European Solidarity Corps in the fight against the COVID-19 pandemic – Lukas Mandl

P-001801/2020: Coronavirus Response Investment Initiative – Miroslav Číž, Monika Beňová

P-001824/2020: Preventing epidemics – Multiannual Financial Framework (MFF) – Moritz Körner

P-001826/2020: Coronavirus – guidelines on testing and counting the number of fatalities – Silvia Sardone

P-001830/2020: Delivery of 27 million masks to Europe blocked by Turkey – Virginie Joron

P-001924/2020: Repatriation of EU nationals due to COVID-19 – Costas Mavrides

P-001820/2020: Covid-9 – qualification of agricultural inputs and agricultural products as essential goods – Atidzhe Alieva-Veli

P-001829/2020: Preserving the internal market and free trade during the Covid-19 crisis – Geert Bourgeois

P-001831/2020: Coronavirus pandemic and the US Defence Production Act – Liesje Schreinemacher

P-001869/2020: Stability and Growth Pact and EU Member State responses to COVID-19 – Mick Wallace

P-001670/2020: Call for the immediate repatriation of mobile students to their country of origin – Elena Lizzi.

P-001699/2020: EU support for the Western Balkans in the fight against coronavirus – Ilhan Kyuchyuk.

P-001708/2020: Ensuring that EU telecommunication infrastructure remains fully operational – Anna-Michelle Asimakopoulou.

P-001712/2020: Suspension of crossborder animal transport as a measure against Coronavirus – Anja Hazekamp.

P-001721/2020: Impact of the coronavirus epidemic on the road transport sector and the mobility package – Kosma Złotowski.

P-001741/2020: Support for companies and workers affected by the coronavirus pandemic – Beata Szydło, Elżbieta Rafalska.

P-001748/2020: Issuance of Eurobonds and economic implications of the COVID-19 pandemic – Dimitrios Papadimoulis.

P-001668/2020: Need to safeguard the Italian agrifood sector during the COVID-19 emergency – Gianna Gancia.

P-001732/2020: Protecting the most vulnerable against COVID-19 – Ska Keller.

P-001752/2020: SMEs and the COVID-19 crisis – Radan Kanev.

P-001579/2020: Action by the Commission in support of conservation measures in the Member States – Joanna Kopcińska.

P-001580/2020: European response mechanism to public health threats – Sara Cerdas.

P-001631/2020: Blackmailing demands by Turkey – Francesca Donato, Alessandro Panza, Marco Dreosto, Matteo Adinolfi, Annalisa Tardino.

P-001672/2020: COVID-19 outbreak – shortages in medical supplies – Sven Simon.

P-001699/2020: EU support for the Western Balkans in the fight against coronavirus – Ilhan Kyuchyuk.

P-001695/2020: Implementing EU co-funded and funded projects in the context of the coronavirus pandemic – Łukasz Kohut.

P-001550/2020: Fund to mitigate economic losses in the fight against Covid 19 virus – Ivan Štefanec.

P-001588/2020: Eurogroup meeting of 16 March 2020: suspension of ratification of the European Solidarity Mechanism – Covid-19 health emergency – Gianantonio Da Re.

P-001621/2020: Additional measures to prevent and combat the COVID-19 pandemic – Sandra Pereira.

P-001639/2020: Restricting freedom of travel because of coronavirus – Patrick Breyer.

P-001643/2020: Covid-19 – Nicolás González Casares.

P-001611/2020: Ensuring that cross-border commuters forced to telework during the coronavirus pandemic do not incur additional tax and social security obligations – Monica Semedo.

P-001521/2020: Recycled air in aeroplanes – Pietro Fiocchi, Maria Grapini, Evžen Tošenovský, Marian-Jean Marinescu.

P-001554/2020: Immediate measures concerning the Coronavirus – Daniela Rondinelli, Fabio Massimo Castaldo, Isabella Adinolfi, Mario Furore.

P-001556/2020: Paid telephone enquiry and information service for COVID-19 in Catalonia – Jordi Cañas.

P-001570/2020: Supply of medical devices in the Union during the COVID-19 outbreak – Seán Kelly.

P-001590/2020: COVID-19 emergency – Josianne Cutajar.

P-001422/2020: Funds for scientific research into Covid-19 – Maria da Graça Carvalho, Paulo Rangel, Álvaro Amaro, Lídia Pereira, José Manuel Fernandes

P-001476/2020: Joint approach in tackling the economic consequences of the coronavirus – Georgios Kyrtsos.

P-001436/2020: In view of the coronavirus crisis, we should be looking to create a new consortium to find a vaccine – Sandro Gozi, Valerie Hayer, Laurence Farreng, Stéphanie Yon-Courtin, Marie-Pierre Vedrenne, Stéphane Bijoux, Pascal Durand.

P-001474/2020: Failure to take drastic measures against coronavirus in Greece because of obscurantist attitudes – Stelios Kouloglou.

P-001501/2020: Cancellation of flights owing to coronavirus and slot allocation – Kira Marie Peter-Hansen.

P-001473/2020: Airline flight slots and Covid-19 – Nikolaj Villumsen

P-001356/2020: Reprogramming operational programmes following the COVID-19 outbreak – Nicola Danti

P-001209/2020: Turkey’s opening of its borders and coronavirus – Harald Vilimsky.

P-001131/2020: Coronavirus testing in Europe. Many cases in Italy due to the higher number of tests carried out – Ignazio Corrao.

P-001115/2020: Spread of the Covid-19 coronavirus in the EU – Jean-Paul Garraud.

P-000606/2020: Coronavirus cases in the EU – Joanna Kopcińska, Beata Szydło.

P-000306/2020: Commission position on new coronavirus – Sara Cerdas.

P-000392/2020: EU preparedness in the face of the outbreak of the new Chinese coronavirus – César Luena, Javi López, Nicolás González Casares, Cristina Maestre Martín De Almagro.

P-000529/2020: What measures are being planned in response to the new coronavirus? – Tudor Ciuhodaru.

P-000459/2020: Follow-up questions on the outbreak of the coronavirus in China – Esther de Lange.

P-000307/2020: Epidemic in China – Alessandro Panza.

P-000510/2020: Possible pandemic threat of coronavirus in the EU – Milan Brglez.

P-000512/2020: Possible spread within Europe of 2019-nCoV virus from China – Luisa Regimenti.

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